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    Elias Daher - Business Owner and Tech Enthusiast

    A Miami-based business owner, Elias Daher is an alumnus of Florida Atlantic University, where he studied electrical engineering. Afterward, Elias Daher started working in tech-related fields before entering the cellular phone market and founding 24 Hours Wireless, a wholesale electronics and mobile phone firm in Miami.


    Since starting 24 Hours Wireless, LTD, in 2003, Mr. Daher has been serving as the company's CEO, overseeing various importation, exportation, and distribution operations of various products globally. At 24 Hours wireless, Mr. Daher offers two types of services, retail and wholesale of new and used mobile phones, and phone repair services such as screen, hardware, firmware, and accessories repair.


    Because of his passion for electrical and electronics engineering, Mr. Daher has put years of hard work into his business to build it from scratch and bring it to where it is today. He received a Minority Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2017 for this dedication.

    Outside his profession, Mr. Daher is an avid tennis fan, and you can find him watching or playing tennis in his free time. Additionally, he enjoys playing poker with friends.

  • Education


    May 1, 1997 - May 1, 1999


  • Professional Experience

    24 Hours Wireless, LTD

    Mar 1, 2003 - Present


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    Energy storage systems are essential in the transition to renewable energy sources. These systems...
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